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  • Pro-Choice BC
  • February 2009
  • Featuring articles on: We're closing our doors! • Celebrating 20 years of choice • Valuable legacies of the Morgentaler decision • "Crisis Pregnancy Centre" research report now available
  • February 2007
  • Featuring articles on: We Need Your Help • Exposing Crisis Pregnancy Centres • Canada News Bytes


Pro-Choice Press

  • Spring 2005
  • Featuring articles on: Conservative Party Finally Pro-Choice? • Enforcing the Law: Provinces vs. the Canada Health Act • New Brunswick's Anti-Abortion Law an "Embarrassment" to Canada • Winning Choice on Abortion: A Book Review • Catholic Teachings Don't Help Teens • The Fetus Focus Fallacy • Canada News Bytes • U.S. News: The War Against Women • Abortion: Few Risks and Positive Outcomes • What If Roe Fell? • U.S. News Bytes
  • Spring/Summer 2004 (double issue)
  • Featuring articles on: Election: A Discouraging Victory • Free Votes and the Future of Abortion Politics • Abortion in the Election: A Chronology • The Political Is Too Personal • Features: Who Are the Crisis Pregnancy Centres? • New Pro-Choice Post-Abortion Support Group • Fetal Pain: A Red Herring in the Abortion Debate • Canada News: Canada's Day of Action for Choice • More Evidence Links James Kopp to Canada • Canada News Bytes • U.S. News: March for Women's Lives Largest in History • Extremely Trying Times • U.S. News Bytes
  • Autumn/Winter 2003 (double issue)
  • Featuring articles on: New Pro-Choice Campaign Launched • March for Women's Lives • Beware of Meaningless Studies by Anti-Choice Researchers • Why Abortion won't Be Defunded in Canada • The "Pro-Choice Clothesline" Event • Anti-Choice Motion Defeated in Parliament • Supreme Count Declines Bubble Zone Appeal • Busy Bill Busted Again (Bill Whatcott) • Saskatchewan Approves Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception • Canada News Bytes • U.S. International News: Second-Trimester Abortions Banned in U.S. • Terrorist Trio Put Away • Doctor Killer Executed • Safe Motherhood Denied in Africa • Dutch Abortion Ship Visits Poland • U.S./International News Bytes
  • Summer 2003
  • Special Issue: Where Is the Anti-Choice Movement Headed?
  • "Chapter" titles: History of Violence and Extremism • Who Is the Anti-Choice Movement? • Religious Fundamentalism—Roots of Anti-Choice Belief • What Motivates Anti-Choicers? • Successes of the Anti-Choice Movement • Canada's Dying Anti-Choice Movement • United States—Violent Patterns and Trends • Failures of the Anti-Choice Movement: 1) Political Pipe Dreams • 2) Swaying Public Opinion—a Stalled Battle • 3) Misjudging the Pro-Choice Position • 4) Disrespecting Women—the Achilles' Heel • 5) Disrespecting Democracy and Freedom • 6) Disrespecting the Fetus and the Already-Born • 7) Refusal to Deal with Anti-Choice Violence • The Fall of Anti-Choice Extremism • Future of the Anti-Choice Movement • Conclusion • References
  • Spring 2003
  • Featuring articles on: The Myth of "Pro-Abortion Violence" • Another Hard Truth: "Pro-life" Videos Likely Incite Violence • • The Indomitable Dr. Morgentaler • Celebrating 15 Years of Abortion on Request • Medical Students for Choice: Riding a Wave Across Canada • Hospital Abortions Not Accessible • Protester Assaulted for Hateful Anti-abortion Display • Protester Loses Appeal of Bubble Zone Conviction • New Mifepristone Trial Delayed • Abortions Down Slightly in 2000 • Rock for Choice a Great Success • Pro-CAN Goes to Seattle for NAF Conference • Canada News Bytes • U.S./International News: James Kopp Convicted in Doctor Murder • 30th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade • Return of Criminal Abortion to U.S. • U.S./International News Bytes
  • Autumn / Winter 2002 (double issue)
  • Featuring articles on: Killer Kopp Confesses • Kopp's "Underground Railroad" • Plus: Newly-Revealed Evidence Suggests Kopp's Guilt in Other Shootings • The Question Left Hanging (Maurice Lewis) • Genetic Terminations: The "No" Side • Protester's Appeal Heard (Jim Demers) • Romanow Report Dismisses Abortion Clinics • Dr. Morgentaler Will Launch New Lawsuits • No Abortions in Moncton • "Get Religion Out of Hospitals", Says Dr. Morgentaler • How to Interpret Polls on Abortion • Whatcott Quits, Wife Too • Catholic Priest Cancels Pro-Choicer's Wedding • U.S. International News: Right-Wing Extremists Lead the "Free" World • U.S. Abortion Rates Decline • Anti-Abortion "Racketeers" Appeal to Supreme Court • Nepal Legalizes Abortion • Pregnant Women May Use Deadly Force to Protect Fetus • Anti-Abortion Terrorist Clayton Waagner Pleads Not Guilty • United Kingdom Marks 35th Anniversary of Abortion Act • Australian Clinic Killer Sentenced to Life in Jail • Miscellaneous: Thanks for Your Letters! • Humour Spot: A True Story
  • Summer 2002
  • Featuring articles on: Cleaning Contract Creates Controversy • The Case of the Kopp Connections • Kopp Extradited, Faces Trial • Anti-Choice Support for Kopp • The Evidence Against James Kopp • New Home for Everywoman's Health Centre • Timeline of Arrests at Everywoman's • Canada News Bytes: New Reproductive Technologies Legislation Tabled • Anti-Choice Fanatics Buy Corporate Domain Names • Anti-Choice Roundup • Unwelcome Guest at Breast Cancer Conference • Miscellaneous: Abortions for Genetic Reasons: the 'Yes' Side • Why I Provide Abortions • U.S. International News Bytes: • America a Disgrace at UN Children's Summit • Bush Cuts UN Funding, Condemns Women and Children to Death • Court Rules Nuremberg Files Website to be "True Threat" • Privacy Violated at Clinics by Anti-Choice Webcams • Anthrax Terrorist Clayton Waagner Convicted • Women on Waves to Sail Again • Switzerland Legalizes Abortion • Australian Clinic Killer Convicted
  • Spring 2002
  • Special Issue: Can Abortion Be De-funded in Canada?
  • Featuring articles on: Untangling the Canada Health Act • What Does "Medically Necessary" Mean, Anyway? • The "Stink" of Private Clinics • Clinics are Better Than Hospitals—Really! • New Brunswick: Illegal, Immoral, Unconstitutional • Prince Edward Island Far From Idyllic • Quebec: Victory at Last? • Manitoba at Impasse, Next Stop—Court • Alberta Flip-Flops • What's Next for BC's "un-Liberal" Government? • Why Abortion is Medically Necessary • BC/Canadian News: Anti-Choice "Charities" Exposed • James Kopp Was Friend of Vancouver Protester • Moderates Win Leadership Campaigns • Ontario Doctor Refuses to Prescribe the Pill • Anti-Choice Roundup • Canada News Bytes • Miscellaneous: A Personal Story: Gifts From a Life Let Go • Abortion and Breast Cancer—A Forged Link • U.S. International News Bytes • Pro-CAN Leads Workshops
  • Winter 01/02
  • Featuring articles on: Anti-Choicers Fear New Anti-Terrorism Law • Hospital Mergers Mean Less Access to Abortion Services • Pro-CAN Files New Ad Complaint (misleading ad links breast cancer and abortion) • Battle for Abortion Funding (and Defunding) • Alliance Leadership Candidates: What Do They Say on Abortion? • Anti-Choice Roundup • Merle Terlesky: A Profile • 1999 Abortion Statistics Exclude Ontario • Canada News Bytes • Anthrax Terrorist Apprehended • Clayton Waagner's Criminal Escapades • Arizona Provider Charged with Sex Abuse • Abortion Trial Travesty in Portugal • Glimmers of Hope for Latin America • U.S / International News Bytes
  • Autumn 2001
  • Special Issue on Abortion and Religion
  • Featuring articles on: Religious Basis of Anti-Choice Movement • Religious Views on the Fetus • Using Freedom of Religion in the Courtroom • Religion and Patriarchy • Woman's Place in the Christian Bedroom • Woman's Place in the Bible • Eve's Ascent to Grace • Anti-Choicers Don't Have a Biblical Leg to Stand On • NEWS: Woman Dies After Abortion • BC Liberals Begin Massive Cuts • Legal Status for Embryos? • New Abortion Clinic Proposed for Winnipeg • Anti-Choice Roundup • Canada News Bytes • Anti-Choice Blame Abortion for Terrorist Attacks
  • Summer 2001 - Special Edition
  • New province-wide coalition forged to improve sexual and reproductive health programs for women in British Columbia!
  • How it All Started • Role of Pro-Choice Action Network • At the Workshop • Eight Principles and Strategic Directions • Read the Joint Report • List of Participants • Workshop Results • Sample Recommendations • First Nations Perspective • Who Is the Pro-Choice Action Network? • About the Sexual and Reproductive Health Coalition • Join the Coalition
  • Spring/Summer 2001 (double issue)
  • Featuring articles on: BC Liberal Avalanche (election news) • The NDP Government Legacy • Why Extreme Anti-Choice Activity is Hate Crime • Freedom of Information Act Puts Providers at Risk • Anti-Choice Roundup (Protester Arrests) • Sniper Kopp in Custody • Abortion File Stolen from Women's Centre • 1998 Abortion Statistics • Genocide Awareness Project Strikes Again (and again and again) • Emergency Contraception Sells Well • Clinic Funding Still Up in Air • Medical Students for Choice Raise Awareness • Anti-Abortion Group in Calgary Public Schools • Canada News Bytes • Bush Government a Disaster for Women • Abortion Ship Docks in Ireland • Escaped Convict Threatens to Kill Providers • Nuremberg Files Verdict Thrown Out • Mifepristone (RU-486) Slow to Catch on in U.S. • US / International News Bytes • Pro-CAN Attends National Abortion Federation Conference • Annual General Meeting Report
  • Autumn/Winter 2000 (double issue)
  • Featuring articles on: Alliance Threatens Abortion Rights • Canada Health Act Violates Abortion Services • Dr. Elizabeth Bagshaw, a True Humanitarian • Pro-CAN Wins Decision Against False and Defamatory Anti-Choice Ad • Protesters Convicted, Sentenced • Abortion Clinic Vandalized by "Pacifists" • Martyr Mary, Quite Contrary • Criminal Vigilante Group Forms • Exner Caves to Pro-Choice Pressure • Emergency Contraception at Pharmacies December 1 • Genocide Awareness Project Returns to UBC • Growing Pro-Choice Majority • Kelowna Clinic Opens at Last • W-Five Exposes Deception at "Fake Clinics" • Assault Charges Against Feminists Thrown Out • Canada News Bytes • Mifepristone Approved in U.S. • New Contraceptive Patch to Replace Pill? • World March of Women 2000 • International News Bytes • Thanks for Your Letters!
  • Summer 2000
  • Featuring articles on: Dr. Gary Romalis Attacked Again • Mifepristone is HERE! • How Mifepristone Works • Mifepristone's Use to be Restricted in U.S. • Alliance Party Drags Abortion onto Public Stage • Emergency Contraception Delayed • Newspapers Print False and Defamatory Ad • Case of the Court Jesters (bubble-zone trial) • Dr. Henry Morgentaler Fights for Funding • Murder-Advocate Dr. Bernard Nathanson Visits Vancouver • Litigious "Genocide Awareness Project" Threatens Pro-CAN • U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Ban on "Partial-Birth" Abortion • Abortion Doctor Bruce Steir Unjustly Jailed for Patient Death • Vatican Obstructs Women's Rights at United Nations
  • Spring 2000
  • Featuring articles on: Emergency Contraception: Coming Soon to a Pharmacy Near You • GAP's Vengeance (Genocide Awareness Project) • Who's Committing Genocide? An Exposé of Anti-Choice Sexism • New Canadian Abortion Statistics Released • HRDC Grant Money Goes to Anti-Choice Agency • Parker Appeal Abandoned • Supreme Court Judge Changes Abortion Views • Anti-Choice Groups Well-Funded • U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on "Partial Birth" Abortion Ban • Fetal Tissue "Scandal" Implodes on Anti-Choice • Oscars for Choice • Thanks for Your Letters
  • Winter 99/00
  • Featuring articles on: Spreading Hatred Against Abortion Providers (Anti-Choice Exploitation of Fetal Tissue Research) • "Genocide Awareness Project" Destroyed at UBC • New Emergency Contraception (Preven) Approved in Canada • New Supreme Court Judge is Anti-Choice • World March of Women 2000 • Pro-CAN Goes to Australia Abortion Conference • Sniper Stays Hidden This Season • Bubble Zone Protester Jailed • Birmingham Bomber Dead? • U.S. Abortions on Decline • U.S News Bites • Life at Any Cost: An Attitude That Hurts Us All • Women Know
  • Autumn 1999
  • Featuring articles on: Demise of the Anti-Choice? • "Genocide Awareness Project" Stopped by UBC • Anti-Choice Doctors Bully Women • Task Force Alerts Providers • BC's Bubble Zone Law Upheld • Mifepristone Not Coming to Canada? • Hospital Must Release Abortion Statistics to Anti-Choice • Injunction Granted Against Anti-Choice Terrorists • Link Found Between Legal Abortion and Decreased Crime • New Contraceptive Coming (Evra)
  • Summer 1999
  • Featuring articles on: Mortal Sins of the Vatican • Join the Campaign to Downgrade the Vatican's Status at the U.N. • Hypocrisy and the Hippocratic Oath • Clinic Protester Released from Jail • Man Jailed for Terror Campaign • Parker Loses Again • Not a Pretty Picture - Hof/Watson Photo Wars • Child Cannot Sue Mother for Injuries Suffered in Womb • Kopp Charged in Doctor Slaying • Canada News Bites • U.S News Bites • Why We Don't Debate Anti-Choice Spokespersons
  • Spring 1999
  • Featuring articles on: Culprit Caught for Sending Threatening Anti-Abortion Packages • Abusive Comic Book Mailed to Doctors • Appeal of Bubble Zone Conviction • More Bubble Zone Arrests • Appreciation Day for Providers • Anti-Life, Pro-Hate Conference Held • Court Shelves Fetal Right Case • Kelowna Clinic Postponed Again • Kernel of Wisdom from our Tax Man • CBC Exposes Pro-Violence Anti's • Rifle Found Near Slepian's House • Bio-Terrorism: Anthrax Scares • Hateful Language Found Illegal (Nuremberg Files website and posters) • Search for Bomber Scaled Back • U.S News Bites • Population Control Efforts Sabotaged by Vatican • Pro-Lexicon • Thanks for Your Letters!
  • Autumn/Winter 1998 (combined issue)
  • Featuring articles on: Sniper Shootings: Murder of Dr. Barnett Slepian • Police Hunt for Material Witness • Governments Step In • Anti-Life Rhetoric and Reaction • "The Lord's Handiwork" - Catholic Editorial. • BC Liberal Party's dealings with anti-choice and their stance on abortion • Constable Steven Parker Thrown a Bone • New Bubble Zones at Vancouver Hospital • More Anti-Choice Mailings • Mifepristone---Will It Ever Reach Canada? • Cecilia von Dehn Arrested • Rape Victim / Incest Victim / Heart Patient Denied Abortions • Trumped Up Murder Charge Against Dr. Bruce Steir • Teen Endangerment Law Passed • Catholic Church Interferes in US Politics • Contraceptive News
  • Summer 1998
  • Featuring articles on: Constable Steve Parker Back in Court • New and Improved Pro-Choice Action Network • "Hit List" Charges Shot Down • Kelowna Abortion Services • New BCMA President is Anti-Choice • Update on Doctor Shootings • False and Inflammatory Anti-Choice Ads • Failed Abortion Lawsuit Settled • National Abortion Federation Conference in Vancouver • Birmingham Bomber Sighted • Anti-Choice Guilty of Extortion • Abortion Illegal in Wisconsin • U.S. Blocks RU-486 • Fake Clinics Run by Anti-Choice
  • Spring 1998
  • Featuring articles on: Alabama Clinic Bombing • Anti-Choice Compile "Hit List" of Abortion Doctors • Vernon Bomb Scare • Update on Doctor Shootings • Radical Women Speak Up • "Words Kill" • Teen Pregnancies Rising • UN Study Links Anti-Abortion Laws to Women's Deaths • Antics of Gordon Watson • Anniversary Celebrations • Pregnancy Options Referral Service Now Open • Letters to the Editor • "Post-Abortion Syndrome" • Doctors Arrested in Australia
  • Winter 97/98
  • Featuring articles on: Doctor Shootings • Epidemic of Anti-Choice Violence • Anniversary of Morgentaler Decision • Protesters Block Clinic • Abortion Statistics • Can Child Sue Mother for Fetal Injuries • Support for Pregnant Drug Abusers • Marion Powell Dies • His and Hers Contraception • Unpaid UN Debt Over Abortion • New Fertility Bill in Works • APEC Protest • Dissension in South Africa
  • Autumn 1997
  • Featuring articles on: Fetal Rights Decision • Anti-Choice Protester Maurice Lewis Dies • New Pregnancy Options Referral Service • Abortion Symposium at UBC • Anti-Choice Must Pay Damages • Late-Term Abortions • The Story of Jane (book review) • Internet Resources • Unsafe Abortion in the Developing World
  • Summer 1997
  • Featuring articles on: Anti-Choice MP's Elected • Forcing Pregnant Women to Behave • Depo-Provera Approved in Canada • Methotrexate Abortions Funded • Publicity for Morning After Pill • Anti-Choice Woman Grateful for Abortion Services • News from Simon Fraser University • News from Around the Country and the World • Hollywood Looks at Abortion • Population Report from United Nations • Legal Abortion Benefits Society • Psychological After-Effects of Abortion
  • Spring 1997
  • Featuring articles on: Regional Health Boards to be Pro-Choice • Brenda Drummond Update • Constable Steve Parker Demoted • Breast Cancer and Abortion • Fertility Legislation: Whose Reproductive Rights? • New Henry Morgentaler Biography • Letters to the Editor • Canadian Abortion Statistics • Miscarriages, Stillbirths on Decline Across Canada • Fate of Unwanted Children • Review of International Women's Day Event • "Partial Birth" Abortions - the Facts • Army of God Bomb Squad • What Makes Pro-Lifers Tick?
  • Winter 96/97
  • Featuring articles on: International Women's Day Meeting Crashed by Anti-Choice • Letters to the Editor • Support Medical Abortions • Preston Manning Puts Foot in Mouth • Constable Steve Parker Appeal Requested • 1997 Begins with Violence in America • Charges Dismissed Against Brenda Drummond • Remembering Violence Against Women • Gordon Watson and Allan Waddell • Catholic Extremist in Vancouver
  • Autumn 1996
  • Featuring articles on: Victory for Bubble Zone Law • Ted Gerk • Constable Steve Parker Caught Again • An Open Letter to the Pope • BC's New Adoption Act • New Fertility Legislation • RU-486 Approved in U.S. • Elizabeth Bagshaw Women's Clinic • Abortion and Breast Cancer • Fetal Painkillers • Good News From Poland
  • Summer 1996
  • Featuring articles on: Constable Steve Parker Inquiry • Status Report on Task Force Recommendations, Part Two • NDP Responds to Questions About Abortion • Disempowering the Vatican • Security Tips for Providers • "Genocidal Murderer" Idolized by "Pro-lifers" • Update on Appeal of Access to Abortion Services Act • Review of "Guns and money: the new abortion wars"
  • Spring 1996
  • Featuring articles on: Challenge to BC's Access to Abortion Services Act (bubble zone) • John Salvi Gets Life • Status Report on Task Force Recommendations, Part One • Keely and Du (review of play) • Planned Parenthood Banned in Schools • News from Canadian Abortion Rights Action League • BC Women's Hospital C.A.R.E. Program • Planned Parenthood Facts of Life Line
  • Winter 95/96 (premiere issue)
  • Featuring articles on: BC's Access to Abortion Services Act (new bubble zone law) • Anti-Choice Health Critic Appointed • List of Doctors Shot • Methotrexate • Human Life International • Morning After Pill • Shooting of Dr. Hugh Short

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