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Letters From Anti-Choicers

The following email messages are the majority of letters that the Pro-Choice Action Network received from anti-choicers since 2001. This page is updated regularly; new emails are placed at the top.

Sendees' names have been removed and replaced with [name], except where emails were sent anonymously, which is often the case. They are reproduced verbatim, with original spelling, punctuation, grammar, and subject line (if given).


Subject: WOW!!

I didnt actually know there were organizations where everyone agreed to murder! You all should re-evaluate your little group, as it is wrong and inhumane, abortion is murder, think twice!!!!!


Subject: I wonder...

Hi Joyce:

I am still trying to figure out if you actually believe all that bullshit you write in your articles or if you just get money for them. I came across your site hoping to find coherent and consistent pro-choice arguments but you disappointed me really badly. You have actually helped me to become pro-life.

Too bad you don´t dare to face a public debate... but I understand its because you would not be able to defend your position in a serious debate.




Subject: I have a question

Hi I have a question

You said that bringing an unwanted child into the world is a crime. Does that mean if I'm pro-choice that if the baby is delivered and the mother kills it because it's unwanted, that that's okay?



Subject: are you kidding me?

we oppose abortion because we want to multiply? are you serious? have you ever looked at an ultrasound? have you ever felt the kick of a living human being inside a woman's belly? and you say 'what's the big deal?' the big deal is that you advocate the murder of defenseless children because a woman finds it inconvenient to have children. have you ever heard of adoption? I myself am not a religious person. my opposition to abortion is solely based on the fact that abortion is murder, plain and simple. I will concede that one can debate where life begins, to a point. but when a child has a brain and a heart that is indisputable life (which is by 5 weeks). of course you will say that I am a man which is why I can feel the way I do. but over 53 percent of women also feel that abortion should be illegal. have you ever had a child? do you know what it's like to feel life inside of you? do you know the pyschological damage suffered by women who have abortions? you baby killers are all alike and I have nothing but contempt for you little nazis. you believe that just because other nations view abortion as being not that big of a deal that we should do the same. to that I say, why don't you just go to europe and japan and kill all the babies you want. what's wrong is wrong, irregardless of what other nations say. after all, france believes saddam hussein should still be in power. of course I'm sure you do as well, being an advocate of wholesale murder as you are. your days (the days of the leftist, socialist, anything goes party of the donkey) are thankfully numbered. america has had enough of your self-hating relativist dribble.

with good riddance,


a non-religious opponent of state advocated murder


Subject: My Opinion

To Whom It May Concern:

I am against abortion not because it is a woman's right but because as soon as a baby is created it lives in my point of view you are very wrong but you are entitled to your point of view!

In my case my bio-logical parents trid to abort me like they did 3 other siblings , but of course for some reason I lived!

Unfortantly I have been sick since I turned 17 , now 43 I see the only thing I can do is try to voice my opinion, to me abortion at any stage is MURDER!

Thank You


Subject: your hypocrital article

I can't believe the article I just read from your sight. My first problem was how you referred to pro-life as anti-choice. You don't hear pro-life refer to pro-choice as anti-life even though that's close to what they are. You spout off nonsense like making abortion illegal is killing more women because they will continue to do it in unsafe manners. What about the millions of babies being killed by the selfish "mothers" every year. What makes their lives so important and the babies' lives so insignificant? Then you go on to call compassion from pro-life toward a murdered mother from her abortion CROCADILE TEARS. I've never heard anything so conniving and evil. Pro-choice is one thing but to actually promote abortion is another. You people should be ashamed of yourselves, misleading confused women into destroying a precious life that isn't even theirs' to take. Even if you're not a Christian, you still know that murder is wrong and any truthful doctor of scientist will tell you that the baby is a living person mere days after conception and continues to grow until it is brutally murdered by one of your "helpful and caring" doctors. I certainly hope that you have the gusts to post what I wrote. I would love to see a feeble attempt at a refute from you too, but I'm sure that you would never post an opinion of an "anti-choice" person who has no concern for mothers now would you?



Subject: Sally Johansen articlel 

Re: Who are the Crisis Pregnancy Centres? by Sally Johansen.

 Please – get your facts straight! If this article weren’t so ridiculously slanted, someone might take it seriously. As a supporter of the Burnaby Crisis Pregnancy Centre, along with many others like myself, I assure you that I am neither right-wing fundamentalist, anti-feminist or anti-choice. I’d just like to know from the pro-choice people when the baby gets a choice. As for family values, did those suddenly become bad words? Yes, I am a woman, just in case you might be worried that I was another "man in a suit who runs the show". As for that comment, is there something wrong with a caring man trying to help women and children? Does it really matter what he wears? Actually, he doesn’t wear a suit or "run the show", but I realize that your comment is just a way to discredit the organization. Rather an obvious remark, don’t you think?To quote your article: At present they offer: free pregnancy tests, birth, abstinence and post-abortion counseling, rape relief counseling, battered women’s shelters, housing referrals, parenting classes, and financial, medical, and material assistance. Then let me ask you your own question? "Does this sound like a conspiracy?"C’mon ladies (whoops, I mean women). Get your facts straight.


Subject: Abortion


Are you familiar with American history?

Before the American civil was people had the legal right of choice to own slaves; but we all know that ideology was a bunch of crap!

I pray that someday you come to realize the same about murdering unborn children before you see God.


Subject: Responsibility

Abortion takes responsibility and accountability away from women. The act of sex is where choice is. When two people engage in consensual sex, they should know that disease and pregnancies come with the territory. If you don't want to get pregnant, use condoms or something or God forbid, don't have sex until you're ready to deal with the consequences. Abortion is murder to me. Take responsibility and don't murder just because you're not ready to have a baby. Don't forget, it could of been you !!!



Subject: The myth of violence

Dear Joyce,

There is absolutely nothing "amusing" or satirical about pro-abortion violence or terrorism or any other form of hate.


D) For an amusing satire on “pro-abortion violence” see
[quoted from our article "The Myth of 'Pro-Abortion Violence'"]What are you doing? There are too many of us who have had abortions because we thought it was ONLY a choice--- not a life sentence. You need to stop and research your heart---- yIn becoming so political, you have forgotten who you are. Please--- take a minute--- Remember.



Subject: requests

dearest reader,

Hello my name is [deleted] and i am publishing a new magazine focusing on the beauty of females, some of my content invovles nudity(similiar to a playboy publication) and sex related issues but i truly do not support abortion under any circumstances and i had hoped you would be so good as to assist me in finding groups who would share these views. I will give ads for a reduced rate or free if need be , i feel nudity is beautiful and killing unborn children to be wrong. So please respond, i understand this may seem a strange request. I do appreciate your understanding and i hope we can find away to support each other.

Sent with the greatest respect and admiration


Subject: [none]


I must strongly disagree with your view on things. I am a pregnant woman who was not in the best situation when I got pregnant but I still did not get an abortion and never could get one without feeling horribly guilty for the rest of my life. You talk as if the only time women have abortions are in the first couple of months like when a zygote is formed. I mean who really gets an abortion in the first couple of days of being pregnant? You can argue the point of whether it is a human being all you want but there is no arguing the fact that it is a living being. My cat is not a human being but that does not mean it does not have a right to live and that I should just kill it instead of finding it a new home with loving owners should I be no longer able to keep it. I had an ultrasound done at 8 weeks, yes 8 weeks and the baby already had arms and legs and was squirming around everywhere. It has been shown that at this stage the fetus can already feel pain and women have abortions at this stage all the time. It is said that a lot of the time fetuses are still alive when aborted and are just left there to die. Even dogs are put to sleep if they are dying and in pain, I do not see why anyone would put a fetus through this. The point I am making is in my opinion anyone who has the same views as you are very inhumane selfish people.



ubject: the black race

do you enjoy push the destrution of a race of people it is because of feminist that added fuel to the fire of White Supremist agenda of kill of black mean african. it is not isnot in the african culture to devalue the famliy, kill off the black male, and have keep the black woman under the control and dependent to White Supremacy welfare. Know your culture and history White Supremacy destroys life Africa gives life!!!!


Subject: Abortion - A Womens Right

Good morning.

Well, after looking over your site and reviewing some of your commentary, I have decided that I could never support the murder of unborn children, unless the mother's life is in danger due to complications of the pregnancy. 

I definitely agree that women have been demeaned and "pressured" into having abortions, mainly due to the failure of men to step-up and take responsibility for their actions.

Unfortunately, it is terrible that women are not taught how psychologically devastating it is to terminate the life of a person that is growing within their womb.

My sister-in-law has had to undergo nearly three years of counselling due to one abortion that she agreed to while attending the University of Calgary. I just found this out; this is the reason as to why I am writing you. 

Fetus or human? Last time I looked, an unborn calf inside of it's mother's womb was still being considered a live "calf" for insurance purposes. Is a calf worth so much more than a human?

Please stop being so selfish.

Please think about what you are doing; killing a defenceless child of whom many are female.

Why can't "WE" think of better ways to protect women from unwanted pregnancy, than to destroy the baby? Abortion is not a women's right. She gave up the right to her body when she "opened her legs" and allowed a man's seed to enter her body. 




Subject: Abortion is Biblical?

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have read that you say abortion is Biblical. You have claimed that Psalm 58:3-8 supports abortion> This is in fact a lie. You claim that the Pro Life supporters have mis interpreted scripture, but you have done the same thing. Verses 3-7 do not even speak of a fetus, they speak of wicked people. The beginning of verse 3 says: Even from birth the wicked go astray; keep in mind that the wicked is plural. The end of verse 8 states: a stillborn child, may they not see the sun. The word they is plural, and it refers back to the noun, wicked, in verse 3. They phrase like a stillborn child, also refers to the wicked. Therefore, this entire passage has nothing to do with a fetus. "Ironically," I guess one could say, it refers to wicked people.
My response to this ignorance of the meaning of this scripture can be summarized in John 16:3, "They will do such things because they have not know the Father or me." You obviously do not know the nature of God, and therefore cannot or choose not to interpret his word correctly. You have used it to promote your own selfish cause. Perhaps teenagers, promiscuous people, or rape victims are pleased that you support the murdering of a fetus, but I know for a fact that your creator, God certainly is not. He alone should be the giver and taker of life. I pray for you, that you will be moved by God's holy spirit to embrace the life that he has allowed you to have, and instead of satisfying yourself or those who promote evil, that you will lkive for the glory of Him. Since He gave you a chance, give unborn babies a chance as well.



Subject: Why don't you respond to some of these letters?

I read your “fan mail” – they totally blast you out of the water; you should at least try to ‘debunk’ their points.Subject: your site

this is the saddest web site ive ever been on.



Subject: COMMENT

God is pro-life
I'm pro-life
Our president is pro-life
Whats wrong with you?

not to be rude or anything, but you don't need to decide who lives and who doesn't. As a former fetus, would you of let your mom choose abortion? OH WAIT, you wouldn't have a say. Thanks for supporting the killing of 1.4 million babies a year, good job. I'll wave to you from heaven



Subject: Exposing the Genocide Awareness Project

Dear Sir or Madam:

I have just finished reading the 8 articles posted under "Exposing the Genocide Awareness Project" and I must say it was quite enlightening. Before reading these articles, I was under the impression that the reason there were so few articles opposing the abortion/ genocide correlation was simply that there was no intelligent way to refute the correlation. And, after reading these articles I have come to the conclusion that dismays me. I obviously very vehemently disagree with your conclusions, and am disturbed at the fact that some person so strongly holds this belief to be true that they would submit their unspeakable conclusions in written evidence.

May I leave you with one thought?

"The denial of the future was sought through the destruction of the present and guarantees by the liquidation of the past. By the logic of genocide, life having been decimated, death too could be erased, and no memory would be preserved." -Rouben Paul Adalian (this quote refers to the denial of the Armenian Genocide, but perhaps it could be used appropriately here)

What better way to sum up the killing of innocent people who have no voice of protest, and the people (such as your corporation) who seek to wipe the inalienable rights of all men ("members of the human family" according to your Human Rights Act) especially "the right to life" (Article 3-Human Rights Act...unless of course that only starts after birth, and doesn't that sound a bit contradictory?) from society, the law, the minds and hearts of every individual. Where will it end? Are you willing to silence everyone that opposes your philosophy of "life" just as the Ottoman Empire silenced the Armenians? Do you, like Hitler ("Who still talks nowadays of the extermination of the Armenians?") take the lack of punishment and concern for other "forgotten groups" as liberty to do as you see fit? I pray that you will find the truth and "that the truth will set you free". The truth is God loves you; there has never been a "forgotten person" since the beginning. He sent His Son to earth to die for you, and everyone else. You are special in His sight, even though there are days you feel no one cares. How wonderful if you would acknowledge His love!

(Social Studies Education; Jr.)


Subject: legalized abortion

Sorry Joice, but legalized abortion not only kills unborn babies, but causes all kinds of problems for women. Look at the research. Women will never become liberated by killing.

I recently did a search on the internet on "the good effects of abortion." I searched the first one hundred sights and found site after site listing all kinds of physiological and psychological bad effects on women with statistics from many different sources. The few websites that presented the abortion side were unable to list any good effects. The bottom line is you can't change reality by calling names or going against your nature. If you resent being female, that's a big problem, because that's who you are.

The detrimental effects of abortion are hurting all of society. Only the blind (in heart and mind) cannot see...or don't want to see.

You obvious hate being female. Sorry about that, Joyce.



I cant understand how anyone can just kill someone, whether you call the embryo, fetus, or what you "pro-choicers" call an "invader of the woman's body". You insult the ideas of "antichoicers" yet you don't see the fallacies in your own claims. The product of rape still has the potential of growing up to be a normal person, and I admit there are circumstances when it comes to a mothers health,but there is a thing called responsibility. It is the womans and the mans responsibility to take care of the unwanted child. I think it is so convenient for you not to consider a fetus or a embryo after all, after abortion you didn't really kill a "human being", it was just another part of your body, like a cut nail or lock of hair. Justify abortion all you want, critize ideas of the people who are against killing, but don't try to disguise personal responsibilities as a "woman's right to choose"



Subject: a few questions.

I am curently writing a research paper on abortion that discusses both issues of abortion. I have currently found that some of the information on your website contradicts that of a pro-life website. What can you tell me about the credibilty of your resources? Also, I am in college write now and dread the notion of having an unwanted pregnancy, but I still dont understand why pro-choice women believe that the fetus or embryo is not considered a whole entire different person? It has sperm from the male that gives him/her an entirely different body. What are your views on that? I also would want to know the main reason why women have abortions and what is their opinion on D&E procedures.

Thank You



You make me sick to my stomach. A "fetus" heart begins to BEAT by 12 weeks!



Subject: Sounds odd

You say abortions should be legal because woman are going to do it anyway... There will always be murderars and rapist.. Why bother sending them to prison? They're going to do it any way. A baby is not a choice.. Most pregnancies come by irresponsible women. The choice should have been not to have sex not whether to end a life. Abstainance is a great choice.



I was wondering why the public should have to pay for unnecessary surgery like abortion? I don't expect anyone to pay for fat removal just because I don't like it on my body. If women can't afford an abortion they should deal with it without relying on responsible tax payers. There are, after all, other options such as adoption.


Tired of paying for other peoples mistakes.


Subject: rape

I was just wondering how abortion is able to help a woman recover from being raped?

I'm sure killing a child does not help ease the pain. In fact, years later when a woman has finally dealt with the tragedy of being raped, she then has to deal with the fact that she killed an innocent child. Where as a women who has aloud the baby to live has found comfort with the fact that something good has occurred from the horrible incident.

Think about it.

Please reply with any thing you may have that might answer my question.


Subject: ...hell...



Subject: re A word of advice to anti-choicers

I think it is amusing that you have tried to belittle pro life groups, because it makes you seem childish. Reading your article reminded me of a school ground and the immature efforts of preteens.

The only war is between Murderers like yourself and the people trying to save innocent babies. The people doing most of the destructive behavior are the ones who are snuffing out lives on a daily basis. Furthermore, intimidation and violence is a strategy used mostly by the pro death groups. They appear to care for the woman when all they care for is supporting their own cause. It is more important for these groups to encourage a woman to kill her baby in order to further their cause than find out what is best for her.

Every woman who I have met who has had an abortion has been negatively effected by the process. The feelings of guilt and dispair have over come them. All of these woman have said that if they happen to be in the same position again that they would never have another abortion. On the other side, Most people who have kept there babies have found it to be very positive. For the few who found becoming a mother was more than they can handle they have the option to give their child to a loving family who are more able to care for the baby. Unfortunately an abortion is final, there is no going back or changing their minds. The woman is stuck with her decision and she must deal with this alone, for the abortion groups fail to be responsible for the negative fall out of their creation. Where as pro life groups provide lots of support to help with all out comes. The decision to kill a baby follows a woman around for her entire life. The decision to save a baby, regardless of the outcome, helps a woman heal and grow positively. I have never met a woman who was happy with their decision to kill her baby. Pro life groups think about the mothers, the fathers the babies and the potential adoptive parents of this world. The only people who they are unconcerned with are the pro Death groups.

I found the article to be uninformative. I found it to be a slam against pro life groups (you know what I am talking about) instead of an article defending your position. The article was very juvenile and could have been written by a teenager trying to sway the opion of her peers. If you truly believe in your opinion I suggest you stop accusing pro life groups of doing the thing that you are obviously doing and start focusing on your own behavior and beliefs.

One more thing, shame on you for saying the majority of people support the killing of babies because this is completely untrue and your lies undermine all your efforts to support you beliefs. If you wish to further your cause I suggest you leave the article writing to another person for you have only done damage to your cause.

Maybe you should sit back and figure out if you want to help women or help your cause because as of now you are not really helping anyone (except pro life groups). I must say good luck because with your methods of communication you need all you can get.


Subject: Your views are Horribly Generilesed and Selfish

I just red your article on Christians and their view on abortion and it has to be the most disgusting and stupid thing i have ever read. I am not a Christian but even i was insulted by your stupidity. You claim it is some sort of way to 'return women to their husbands' how about 'returning women to their knickers'. If you dont want children STOP FUCKING. Goddamn you activists you seem to believe every man is against you how about you open your fucking eyes for one minute. My mother has had to raise me all alone, we came to Australia with 20 dollars and she worked her way up. She started by cleaning houses and decided to study law, we know own our own house and my mother owns her own buisness. There was no man out there against her or telling her to return to her husband or the kitchen. What annoyed me the most is how you spat at Christian belief and its bible. As i said im not christian but hell even you must realise our basic laws all come from the bible our society is built on it. You claim abortion is your right and that it only cause problems not to have it. Basically abortion allows young girls to go fucking and if they get pregnant well hell they can just have an abortion. I do see that theyr are other circumstances such as rape but im sure they could still have the child and leave it into adoption. As you can see by the way i write im not extremly educated im only a teenager and have probably spelled half the stuff here wrong, but even i am disgusted at how you can use such a topic as a reason to argue your rights. Forget all that shit where not talking about your right to be a lezzo or wear pants or some other petty shit this is human life, forget all that hell shit you are stopping a birth, preventing a life wich has begun to develop, call it fetus or whatever it is it is still a human that you are killing.


Subject: abortion

If your arguments on abortion are so sound they should be enlarged to cover all children born in poverty, from rapes, to bad parents and so on. Why just kill the unborn in the same circumstances? You could also enforce sterilization, as happens in China, on all the people you think should not become parents, by your standards. This is the logical next step with your beliefs isn't it? Why stop with the unborn?

I feel sorry for you and for people who hold views like you. Just because the baby is not here in your arms you fully believe that it's OK to rip it apart or burn it to death with saline solution. I hope one day you will see the truth, and will be able to accept forgiveness for what you have done by pushing this view.



Subject: abortion

How can you advocate the killing of an unborn human being? is it not true that an un-interruped pregnancy usually results in the birth of a live human being? If it were not life at conception, how could it be life at birth?

God created human Life and only God has the right to decide when anyone should die. Human beings are not God!

You people claim that a woman should have the right to control her own body. What about a woman or a man abstaining from sexual contact and not creating a baby in the first place. I say that if they don't want children they shouldn't have sexual intercourse in the first place! How about some self-control! A child shouldn't be killed simply because adults have failed to control themselves and their lusts/ sexual desires! Tell me, what sin has that unborn child committed? Even the unborn child of a woman of rape or incest has committed no crime! However, the men who are perpatrators of such crimes should be executed! [ Deuteronomy 22:25] God says such men should have the death penalty! In Deuteronomy 22:28&29 even men who seduced a young woman had to marry her and could not divorce her all his days! God condems sexual immorality, but the children of such issue are not to blame! They have not commited a crime, only the parents have sinned!

Do any of you feel that your mother should have aborted you? Isn't it strange that those who were given the privilege of life feel that they have the right to condem others to death, especially the unborn innocents! How would you feel if somone un justly pronounced a death sentence on you?

Remember, that as you sow, so shall you reap! God is watching our every act and if you don't believe that God exists, you will soon find out that he is very real! The 6'th commandment forbids murder; abortion breaks that commandment! All those who have been blessed with life should not condem others to death?




Subject: Question

I found your e-mail address on the Web site...

Personally, I'm convinced that abortion is insanity, but I'm not writing to debate that "issue". Instead, I'm wondering if you could answer a question for me: why are liberal mush heads so adamant that abortion stems from the right to control your body, yet the state penalizes me for not wearing a seat belt? I thought no one was allowed to tell me what I could do with my own body! And why am I penalized for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle!?! You oppressive religious fanatics must be STOPPED!!!

Do I have the power over my own body or not? I have a sneaking suspicion that if motorcycle helmets and seat belts prevented women from climbing the corporate ladder, they too would be condemned as "anti-woman"...

So I can "abort" or "terminate" (you guys crack me up with the way you kill-er, "abort"-the english language) an unborn baby and the state will pay for it, but I'll be prosecuted and pay a hefty fine if I dare to drive my car without wearing a seat belt. Huh!?! Wow, that's as dumb as gay marriage. Oops, almost forgot-now it's a criminal offense to speak against that stupidity! Well, the culture of death now has another bookend!

The dumbest animal would be incapable of lowering itself to the depths of this "enlightened" society!

Enjoy your brave new world!




Subject: prochoice questions


I wandered upon your site by accident, and had some questions.If you dont reply to this, I'll understand that you can't answer them, and thats alright.I'm sure I'll be able to find somebody who can. Ok, You believe a woman has the right to choose, correct? Well I was just wondering, what if that woman had her baby and decided 5 years later that she didnt want him anymore, Does she still have the right to choose, and to kill her child? I mean, it really shouldnt be any different then, just because he has a voice and can actually protest to being murdered, unlike he would have been able to, 5 years earlier. And, its still her body, is it not? So, maybe if its legal to murder a baby before he has any choice in it, it should be legal to murder him up until he's 18, and considered an adult. I was also wondering, how you can look at a fully developed baby, with 2 eyes, a mouth, a nose, 10 fingers, and 10 toes, and decide that he's not a real person, and should be able to be destroyed, and thrown in the garbage, because a woman has the "right to choose" not to be inconvienced by another human life. The baby didnt decide that the woman should have sex and get pregnant, so why does the baby have to pay the price?, Doesnt the baby have a right to choose not to be murdered? I have friends that annoy me too sometimes but I doubt that gives me the right to have them aborted. I also realize that some of these women were raped, and it isnt their fault, but I think you should keep in mind that its not the childs fault either. So instead of having the baby aborted(murdered), maybe you should have the man that raped her aborted instead. Well, Im sure that if nobody else was able to make you see that its murder, then I wont be able to either, but maybe if you're going to continue providing abortions to women who dont want to be responsible for their actions, You could consider giving the baby a pain killer first? Any scientist could tell you that even when theyre that small, and cant scream yet, they still feel pain. So, if we have the right to choose that theyre not human enough to deserve life, maybe you could atleast be civil enough to lessen the pain, while you murder them. I think any human, voice or no voice, deserves that much. Again, If you dont reply to this, I'll realize that you dont reply, because you cant reply, and you're not able to tell me why you believe murder should be legal, when you're victim cant fight. Either way, thank you for your time.




Subject: abortion

To whom it may concern:

Hello. Abortion has got to stop! Why is this called "pro-choice"? who has a choice? Its the choice to kill someone. And its wrong. Why can a man be jailed for two years for killing a dog, but THOUSANDS of children are killed legally each day? Are dogs worth more than children?

Speaking for the forever silenced



Subject: Hello

This is what you support you disgusting pro-choice Nazis. Fuck you for having the opinions you do. All you motherfuckers should rot in hell. Fuck you, assholes. If I was the authority on what should be done with all you sorry excuses for human beings, I'd have you all gassed and/or electrocuted for your irrevocable crimes against humanity.

[Picture of alleged aborted fetus attached]



Subject: Pro-Life (anti-choice) proof why the unborn should live

I can prove two ways that the unborn are human beings:

#1: SCIENTIFIC PROOF (the law of biogenesis) : Every living thing reproduces after it's own kind. Dogs beget dogs, cats beget cats, and humans beget humans. To find out what something is, ask, "What are the parents?". Human parents can only produce human offspring.

How is it possible for two human beings to create a separate entity that is not human- in clear violation of the law of bio-genesis- but later becomes one? If the unborn is not human, then please tell us exactly what it is. Perhaps it's a fish? Maybe a dog? Something else? Unlike sperm and ovum, the zygote possesses the natural, inherent capacity to develop into an embryo, fetus, infant, teenager, and adult. True, sperm and egg contain human cellular material, but left to themselves they will never become human beings.

#2: PHILOSOPHIC PROOF: An unborn child differs from a newborn one in only four ways- none of which are relevant to it's status as a human being.

SIZE: Large people are not more human then small people. Is Michael Jordan more of a person then Celine Dion because he is larger?

LEVEL OF DEVELOPMENT: Is a four-year old who has yet to develop her reproductive sysytem less human then a 21-year old?

ENVIRONMENT: Where you are has no bearing on who you are. Did you stop being a person when you rolled over in bed last night?

DEPENDENCY: If viability is what majkes us human, then all those that depend on kidnay machines or heart pacemakers are non-human.



Subject: animalistic treatment of humans

Save the whales...
But kill the humans?
Interesting rhetoric there.



Subject: A Pro-Llife talking to a Pro-Death

Abortion is nothing but lies masked as truth, which is the true way to corruption of this world. I also deplore you on the thinking that a woman has a right to do with "her body"...when truly that "fetus" (I prefer child) is not "part" of her body, but it is "within" a woman's body. Supposedly a safe place that will protect the living child from harm. Instead we've given that child a suction machine, saline solution (poison to the baby) and a butchering knife. Yes, I see the humanity of ripping apart a helpless, innocent human being.

Also you're "facts" about 70, 000 botched illegal abortions are false.... Before abortion was legal, yes, woman did illegal abortions, but those abortions were much safer because, if that abortion "doctor" killed the mother by an illegal abortion he had a major lawsuit on his hands, a fine or perhaps even jail time. He actually had to be careful. But I don't hear you're sympathies towards woman, that are killed every year in supposedly "safe" abortuaries that are given false information and die afterwards. But these "doctors" now don't have to worry because NOT giving the truthful facts and perhaps killing woman in botched abortions (and I mention, IN abortuaries) aren't going to face a lawsuit, or have their medical license taken, because what they are doing is perfectly legal.

What is wrong with adoption? OH! Of course I see what's wrong...that leaves the abortuary doctor OUT of the picture...and without any money. Warning to woman out there..... Abortion doctors are only after you're money

If you are having a child or have already had an abortion and suffering from post-abortion syndrome (PAS) and you are unsure of what to do, please, reach a crisis pregnancy phone line or website NOW. Some helpful resources:

1-877-88WOMAN (in Canada)
1-800-848-5683 (in USA) (internat'l)

REMEMBER: the right to choose includes the right to know. You have the right to know that, that a "fetus" is a living human being.

To pro-aborts out there who are disgusted with those "GAP" signs: It is NOT miscarriages depicted on those signs because abortions are the only thing available to rip apart children, in the womb, like that. It is the truth.

"A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes." ~Mark Twain~ Abortion is a lie telling you that everything will be ok. Life is the truth telling you that everything wil be ok.

Babies in the womb are NOT diseases that can easily be taken care of. You're also wondering how it is possible for that "fetus" to be human. Because it is the law of bio-genesis: a dog begets a dog, a fish begets a fish, etc. a human... begets a human. A human will not give birth to a dog or a fish.

Let us love them both: woman and child
Choose adoption: the loving choice to life
Not abortion: the destructive way to death.



Subject: abortion

I am a 40 year old male who recently had our feotus aborted by the mother. I did not want her to have this abortion, but had absolutely no rights to make any decisions in regard to my future, my fatherhood, or of course, the future child's life, so I have suffered. I have experienced an immense grief in the last 2 months. There were times when it was so bad, that I contemplated suicide over the loss of this future child. Is it acceptable to call the fetus a future child. I know you don't like to think of it as a seperate, living, growing human being because if you accepted this, abortion would then be killing. By the way, have you ever seen a picture of an aborted feotus?? I have. An 11 week old feotus, same age ours was. Oddly, it looked an awful lot like a dead baby with no head and the body was badly mutilated. Everything in life is a choice, everything has consequences. What is fair is that before women make the choice to have an abortion, they should know exactly what it is they are chosing. They should be shown these pictures as to what becomes of the feotus. They should be told exactly the type of psychololgical problems that many women have experienced from abortion, not to mention the physical. My girlfriend told me what she was told and not told by the "caring" councellor at the clinic. I know that she was having doubts and the councellor did not pick of this, or did not care. Now, both of us feel like we are the parents of a dead child. Both of us feel an emptiness that a removed "blob of tissue" has created. I would challenge you to post photos of aborted fetoes on your website so that women can make an educated decision. If you care so much about women, you would do this...Dont forget, 1/2 of all feotuses who's lives are ended were female too. Start caring about EVERYONE.


Subject: Pro-life

Dear Whoever,

Im not a pro-choice and neither am i so left-winged that it is tragic. But i do belive in God and i think that when you abort a baby that it is a person. A living, breathing human being wonderfully created and fashioned by God. And so when you abort that fetus you are actually murdering a human being. Now you may try to tell me that the fetus is just a piece of tissue but scientific evidence has shown that at 7 weeks the brain waves can be detected. Now tissue does not have brain waves. So please whoever is reading this please re-consider your pro-choice opinion and yeah sure dont be fanatical in the other extreme but please help the world find that balance.

Thank you for reading.



To whom it ,may concern;

I would like you to know that I read over your web site today and that I have never been so disgusted before in my life. You mis-represent the pro-life movement and you de-value the life of Children. Is it not possible for me to have the heart felt conviction that the chopping up of babies while in their own mothers womb is wrong and not be labeled as a mad man? The truth comes down to it that you want to give mothers the choice to murder. That is the issue nothing less. Address the truth rather than talking about womens rights to "privacy". May I kill my children for privacy aroung the house? This is not a choice between pregnancy and abortion. It is the choice between murdering your own child or being a mother and taking care of them.


Subject: song concerning abortion

I heard the voice of an angel and I wrote the words that He said. I did not add my own words or take any away. This is a message from God that I think everyone that considers taking a life needs to hear. You may e-mail this on or link your site to this and pass it on. You may copy or download free of charge. I feel that everyone that hears this message will feel a need to pass it on. The life you save may be of your own blood or the blood that could have been saved may be on your own hands. If you have ever had a message from God you will KNOW by the feeling that is generated in your soul that this is the word of this hour in America. PLEASE, just listen and pass it on. Go to: [web address removed] and click on God Hold This Nation or go to: [web address removed] and soon the song will start playing. It is an embedded Windows Media File. Many tears fell when I realized that unborn lambs are aborted babies.

Love and God Bless You,



I just read your "humorous" article on how you all feel about abortion. I am a teenager, yet I know right from wrong. Apparently, you people don't. It's not a woman's choice and don't give me any crap like "it's her body, let her do what she wants with it." That statement is NOT true. At conception, the embryo is genetically diverse fom the mom. Hello? It is an individual! You people can not be Muslims or Jews because those people believe that there is a God. You will be punished for these sins!

P.S. I hope this letter makes you feel like dirt, cuz that's what you are!


Subject: abortion as a choice not for the baby

Killing the unborn is never, ever justified. You people are cruel and cold-hearted. Shame on you!



Subject: Abortion

How can you say with a clear conscience that abotion is right? Did you know that a typical Jelly fish is mad eup of 95% water, doesn't have a brain, a heart, or bones? That is an adult jellyfish, and yet a baby has a heartbeat on the 18th to 25th day. The earliest recorded brain activity happens on the 40th day in the womb. Babies can survive outside the womb after 20 weeks. You also say that it is the womans choice becasue it is her body, you are wrong. Every person has their own DNA that is unique to them. The baby shares DNA of the mother and the father and combines them in a different way. One can find parents form DNA testing, but the DNA will never match 100%. A baby is a human being form th emoment of conception. Jelly fish breath "air" like an unborn baby does, yet if the jelly fish were in danger, people would be screaming to save it. A child is the most precious gift ever, to have an abortin is to commit murder. If you dont want a baby, be responsible, there are other ways to void pregnancy, like here is a shocker: DON'T HAVE SEX! but i guess it's too much to ask that people would learn self control and personal responsiblity. Grow up and accept the consequences of your actions, don't make an inocent suffer for you.


Subject: Disgusting....

I am writing this email because I am outraged. How can you call a beautiful gift such as a baby a "choice"? Law and politics are too involved in this dilema. If it wasn't for them women would know that a baby is a lot more than just a "choice". And if there were less agencies such as yourself, more woman would realize how wrong murder's killing an innocent life. A silent voice. Don't you think that baby would want to live rather than die? Give me a break, you pro- choice people say you're trying to protect a woman's rights..what about the rights of her child? Does this not matter?? You say it's a woman's body and she has the choice to do as she pleases. Since when do you have four legs and four eyes? two hearts even? Organiations such as yourself need to realize exactly what u are doing to woman. you are giving them a life of heartache..not of choice. You are destroying a very special gift. You are breaking the bond between a woman and a child. You are not fixing a problem, you are creating one. Many woman die from abortions each year...but a woman does not know this before she has an abortion. You are also charging tax u can kill babies...innocent babies!!! I think it is time that you pro- choice people stood up and took a long look in the mirror...would u really like what was staring back at you? I think not!!!! And I also know you won't put this email on your site. You do not want woman knowing the real truth....You make millions on death, so why promote life??!!


Subject: you guys are sick

I don't know what you guys are thinking when you say that abortion is okay, it is not okay, it will never be okay, and it is unethical! First off, a baby is a living organism, who has a beating heart and a soul. You saying that a baby is just a piece of tissue and that it is the mother's right to kill it is irresponsible and inhumane. I ask you this, why not just give your baby up for adoption? It will have a life with someone who probably wants a baby and would give anything to have one. Not only will it touch and change others lives, it will also change the babies lives as well. You people who support this lie to women telling them it is their right and that they are safe simply disgust me. It is not their right to kill a baby. Killing an innocent baby is like walking up to someone you don't know and shooting them. It's murder, why can't you see that? So many women get horrible infections and go through hell because of abortions. You don't seem to care though do you. No, it's perfectly fine because you're rolling in the dough. It's not right!!!!!! You certainly can not be a Christian or Jew and expect to go to Heaven, if you think you are then you are seriously wrong! You better pray long and hard for what you have done. Even if you aren't a believer in God, it is still no excuse for urging woman to go through with such a ghastly murder. Please reconsider what you are doing and become Pro-choice. Babies deserve someone who loves them just as you yourself do. Give them that chance, love them with unconditional love, and you will never have anything to regret!


PS: Oh, and if you have anything worth saying tome don't bother e-mailing me back, you cold heartless killers.


Subject: you make me sick




Subject: abortion

Well as a liberial I totaly think a women has a a right to KILL,SAUGHTER, and totally END a baby's soon to be life. After all, God gives life and takes it away.

PS: Have fun in Hell, you sick Baby Butchers!!

[email address was "Stabberking@...]


You people make me sick with your left wing howling about women's rights while you totally ignore the rights of the unborn children you are so eager to murder.

If it wasn't illegal to utter threats in this country, there would be a lot more writing about abortions in this message.

Murderers deserve the death penalty.

Please feel free to send me your thoughts on this topic.



Dear "Pro-Choice,"

Words can't decribe the wrongs that you stand for. What right do you have to waltz around, urging people to kill? You're no better than Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. How would YOU feel if your parents had opted to abort you...wait a minute, you COULDN'T! "Pro-choice" is just a lame excuse for un-thinking feminists. What about the fetus, what about its rights? Would you assign more rights to animals-most of which aren't fully self-aware-than fetuses? I'm sure you understand the implications of murder. I honestly hope that you find it in your hearts to HAVE hearts, women have no more rights than children, why should they have more rights than fetuses?




Subject: SICK!!! SICK!!! SICK!!!



60 mins showed jack kovorkian performing an ILLEAGAL suicide on tv. I DARE you to TRY TO SHOW a Leagal abortion on tv. PRO CHOICE?? I think not. we all know separation of church and state is NOT in the constitution, fact. so can my son CHOOSE to carry a BIBLE in school? show a late term murder. I dare you


whats is WRONG with this picture??? ur killing the innocent and will hafta carry that fact with you on ur consience 4 the rest of your life


Subject: [name] in Reno

You people are nuts, the war will never end and as time goes on abortions and your cause will cease to exist, also photos and public viewing of them will continue indeffinetly. bye


Abortion is a direct consequence of sex. Therefore, if women don't want to "please men", why do they still have sex with men? Abortion could be avoided if women avoided sex altogether. Because most women get pregnant to seize men, the fact is that women have abortions as an act of vengeance against the men that later "dump" them. Women who have abortions are "incarnations" of Medea: we all know that "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned".

Subject: shame shame shame

How can you say that it's a womans right to have an abortion when:

1) she opened her legs and had sex (probably without protection).

2) she is looking for an "easy" way out because she can't be a mother.

3) she is so uneducated about sex and isn't prepared for the consequences.

4) she is just plain ignorant and stupid.

5) she shouldn't be having sex in the first place.

Women should not be given the right to have casual sex with multiple partners and then resort to such a terrible act in killing her child. There is "NO" excuse for a woman to have an abortion based on the grounds that she had sex and now wants an easy fix for her irresponsible actions. Keep your legs closed and find another activity that won't support the killing of babies. Women should be ashamed of themselves for displaying such nasty behaviors and helping other young women think it's ok to screw as many men as you want because you have a loophole called abortion. Remember the 12 commandments and the quote "thou shalt not kill". Apparently a lot of women don't care. One day you will stand before the creator and look at the child you killed.


Subject: tool


here is s anog i heard about abortion , thought you might be interested


Goodbye! they breathe , but cannot scream. they have no tools to make voices! they wait in fetal position..

MARTYRS on altars of mistakes. The martyr!(screaming)

They have no tool to scream, they are just the ones upon the altars of altars altars of mistakes!!!!!!!!!!

there is no safe place!

there is no .......



some ppl need ot speak out for those that you kill everyday , those who cannot speak for themselves. this will not be the last you hear from me.. i assure you.

your new friend


Subject: Hello!

Should adopted people be killed as they weren't wanted by their biological mothers?
FInish the sentence: "I support a woman's right to choose to". . .kill the life within her.
Life. . .what a beautiful choice.
Abortion stops a beating heart.
Adoption, not abortion.
Protect the sea turtle eggs. Kill the unborn, but protect the sea turtle eggs.


Subject: how

Its sad to think that people can be so ignorant and blind to the fact that to abort a pregnancy is ending a precious life, a life that could have changed the world. Maybe that person would be the one to find a cure for cancer, or maybe that person would simply provide joy to the people that surround him/her. Who are you to judge the quality of life of another human being, this baby does not have to live in poverty, adoption can provide a child with an excellent home and chance to become what they want to become.

"Bearing a child alters a woman's life more than anything else. Other women's rights are hollow if women are forced to be mothers. Being born is a gift, not a right. People don't ask to be born, and some even wish they weren't."

This gives me a sick feeling inside when i read this, I honestly cannot believe that these thoughts have actually gone through people's heads, and to think that they have can only lead me to a conclusion that these people are sick. Women's rights should not be above those of an innocent baby, they chose to do what they did and having a child should not be a consequence or a punishment but should be dealt with in the best interest of the baby. People who advocate abortion do not teach eachother to love, but rather use violence as an answer to their problems in which they have brought on themselves and in which they are responible for dealing with.

Having an abortion would harm any caring woman severely, to live with the thought for the rest of your life that you could be enjoying your childs 5th birthday party, or you could be teaching him how to tie his shoelace, or sending him off the college. The mother has to think about that, and wonder what her child could have become, and why she had to be so selfish in wanting an easy way out of a problem that she created for herself. You liberal pro-choice advocates simply have no argument at all that is even slightly rational, and are too stupid to realize what you are advocating. Step back and really think to your self "What am i doing?" how can i support the killing of an innocent life form.


Every Mother Shirking Her Duty Is Another Child Murdered.


Subject: Anti-Abortion Violence

You know you guys are just as violent as the ant-abortion movement. Its just when you commit violence-and YOU HAVE-you get away with it.

Let me get this straight, its not ok to harass people at an abortion clinic..but its ok to harass an innocent bride and groom coming out of a Catholic Cathedral.

Its not okay to throw dead chicken guts at an abortion clinic. But its ok to throw dead chicken guts at a pro-life group leaving a Cathedral.

I have the right to do what ever I want with my body. But when it comes to dating, you guys expect EXPECT me to have sex with a guy-EVEN if I DON'T want to. So I have to right to decide what I want to do with my body. But I don't have the right to decide what I don't want to do with my body.

I'm sure if you guys had your way you'd get away with murdering Mother Teresa? Afterall, wasn't she Anti-Choice.

And yet you guys haven't done anything for the homeless and needy and the "Anti-Choicers" have.





I am praying for you to turn from your wicked ways.


I pray that God will have mercy on you...


God will forgive you for what you are doin


Burn in hell you child murdering scumbag! The fact that you breathe the same air as decent people is an embarrasment to civilized human beings.



i think pro choice is awfull and disscusting and it should be illegal and anyone who does it should rot in hell because its murder and anyone who would kill a baby is crazy in the head and is a mean discusting person

[name, young girl]

if you have any thoughts on this e-mail me at [address]


I don't want to get into a debate with a wing nut like yourself - but a baby in the womb, heart beating, blood flowing through its veins, brain waves - the whole bit - is obviously a living person. The thought of you feminists waddling around saying it is OK to kill babies sickens me to the point of disbelief. I pray for people like you who spread your hatred and lies and advocate for the killing of babies. This isn't even funny anymore - why do you people choos to keep your consciences up your ass !


Subject: why?

I don't understand why you would fight for this. I don't get it. A friend of mine survived an abortion and was raised by foster parents. How could anyone- even your mother, tell you whether you had a right to live? I don't intend to be judgemental, or throw religion in your face, I just want to understand. If a child can be cut out of someone, does that mean that it's like a piece of the body that isn;t wanted or needed? It could cause pain, like a tumor or a mole? Why would you have to feed it then? Why does it have a heartbeat? I got raped when I was 15. I got pregnant and I had a very painful miscarriage at 13 weeks. I was going to have the baby and give it up for adoption. I couldn't tell my baby that because of something that happend to me, it didn't get to live. That would be like trying to solve my problems by killing someone. I know not everyone thinks like me. People tell me that the baby isn't alive, it cant survive on its own. But maybe someday it could. I am glad I got a turn to live. Why would someone try to take that chance away? Why are people so selfish?


Well, well, well...

Joyce, all I can say is that the author of your article went to a lot of trouble to try and bamboozle your clientele.

By your author's (and your own I presume) fuzzy logic, I ought to have the right to kill you, should you need me to survive. Hmm, sad indeed.

Lastly, his dandruff argument and the entire thesis is as ludicrous as Dan White's now infamous "Twinkie Defense."

Anyone who thinks an unborn Zygote, Embryo, Fetus or Child is not a human person is just a poor simpleton who would rather be a moron than an intelligent being.

I'll just pray for all of you. You sad, sad people.

IS THIS DANDRUFF? [aborted fetus pic attached]


I have taken great interest in your site. It is sad, however, that your organization has missed the point. You claim to advocate a woman’s right to “choose.” What an admirable cause! But, then again, what are her choices?

Her choices are two: the life of her unborn human person; or, the death and mutilation of the same, small, unborn human person.

Can you disagree that those are her choices?

Choice, as you call it, it a euphemism aimed at confusion. Who would want to take away choice? Why those pro-lifers, or anti-choicers as you like to call them! That’s who, right?

Why not give a woman the right to choose to kill her child after it has been born? Where is the distinction? Does the vagina have magical powers that turn the “fetus” into a human being just by the virtue of passing through it?

You see, you missed the point. NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE TO KILL ANOTHER PERSON. And, after all, the “fetus” is not: “a product of pregnancy”, a blob of tissue or anything else you would like to call it… it is, in fact a human person.

Can you dispute that? I don’t think so. After all, it’s not a Parrot or a rabbit, right?

Truly Sad that you’re around,



Subject: Congratulations, Joyce

Yes, congratulations on supporting a genocide that results in the deaths of thousands of human beings every day.

The reason you pro-death advocates fear to debate is not the sanctity of your position, but rather its indefensibility. After all, you're being forced to advocate a policy that has resulted in the slaughter of some 30 million human beings in our nation alone since 1973. It would be no different than a Nazi debating the desirability of killing Jews in order to protect "fundamental individual rights" for the "betterment" of society. Except that comparing anti-life pro-abortion advocates to Nazis is insulting to the Nazis.

You will, of course, ultimately lose the abortion war. Society will eventually mature enough to recognize the evilness of abortion, much as it did over the issue of slavery. Support for the genocide of abortion peaked not coincidentally with the apex of the baby-boomer generation, the most indulged, selfish generation in the history of Man. Already, support for abortion is slipping; and support for the reasons women kill their gestating children has always been in the minority.

History will harshly judge, as it now does the slave merchants and owners of the past, you, NARAL, NOW, and all the other death merchants on the pro-abortion side, though this will be of no solace to the millions of children slaughtered by you and your supporters. I know that in your ultimate selfishness you imagine yourself to be a crusader for Right; but so did Hitler (with apologies to Hitler for comparing him to you).

But you know, Joyce, it really isn't the judgment of History that you ought to be concerned about. Rather, you should be worried about a considerably Higher Judgment. After all, your denials of God's existence have absolutely no affect on God's existence.


Dear Ms. Arthur,

I just read some excerpts from your essays or, I would say, "horror" stories. I was truly amazed how sick I felt from your views. Especially, I "admired" a phrase "abortion is a simple and extremely safe procedure." I hope that those little people who are being aborted are not aware of how simple and extremely safe it is.

My worst wishes,



To you the Ignorant(a prime example of how distorted a mind can become),

I was browsing for an answer to a essay question as of to the Catholic Church teaching on violence against abortion and came across your site. Reading the essay that it took me to, I was quite disappointed to see that one would place such a writing on the internet for millions to read with content that is all opinion based and has no fact. On the other hand I feel sorry for you, for the plain and simple fact that you would even put your name on the paper. You gave pure humiliation to yourself. But with your views I believe that you deserve it. People will have their own opinions on issues and I truly believe that you do not need to be preaching your own opinion into others heads. If and when you do give your opinion and try to tie in religion, please make it factual not just "what you think" you clearly know nothing about religion as a whole. You say "pro-life movement's drive to save babies has no noble purpose" then you close with pure ignorance in your last seventeen words. Some that I have had read this article said that you are an insult to life. I am sure that you in your heart know that, why, because God granted you with a conscience of right or wrong. Yet, you are the one that has to be different, as you put it. Since when has it been right to kill? On the other hand, I want to leave you with a thought, you are against abortions but what if you, yourself were aborted...your voice would never have been heard, but yet, maybe it would be for the good.

My heart aches for you and I am so sorry that you have humiliated yourself. I am also sorry that you caused unnecessary grief and sadness among all those who are so thankful for life that come across your article.(Unlike the Author)

I will be praying for you, to my God who died for your and my sins, the God who can save hardened souls such as your's.

And please don't judge my God when you don't know him.

-Your new prayer friend


I ran across your site tonight while doing research on another subject. If legalized abortion is the sign of a "civilized" society, then I'm in favor of the Stone Age. Why are you so filled with anger and hatred? Your writings are not nearly so intellectual as you pretend they are, and they seem a desperate attempt to compensate for something that's missing in your life.

We're not "anti-choice" -- we're pro-life. You should respect the right to life of all human beings, no matter if they're black, white, male, female, born, or unborn. Calling a child a choice is one step away from calling a brother or sister a slave.

Best regards,



Subject: My Opinion


I am a thirteen year old girl who is strongly a anti-abortionist. I do believe in women's rights but killing a baby is not legal whether its alive or still an embryo. In some cases, an abortion is, I guess, necessary but only in a few cases. I think you should pause and think about whats really happening to those babies. They didn't do anything to deserve death. I think a better choice is adoption because at least you know your child is safe. I would like to see what you think of this, so write me back...

Your anti abortionist,



Hi, I just visited your site, and I just had a few questions for you and some comments.

In your Site: "Most anti-choicers claim..."

My Comment: Ok. Why would you call us "anti....". I mean, the fact is. You kill the babies, and that is death. We want to keep the babies alive, so that is life. We are Pro-Life...and hence, you must then be Pro-Death. This is fact.

Your Site: "The right to abortion is not debatable, because access to legal, safe abortion is a fundamental human right, one that is protected by law and supported by the majority of citizens."

My Comment: Just because it's legal, doesn't mean that it's right. Hitler passed laws that were extremly violent and cruel in how to wipe out the Jews. It was once legal to kill your black slave if he/she got out of hand. Does this make it right? I don't think so.

Thankyou for your time, please respond. Bye.



Subject: My you asked for

I can't believe Joyce Arthur's view that women do not suffer 'psychologically' after abortion. I have talked with at least 50 other women that have had an abortion and find it comforting to know that I am not the only one regretting the legalized murder of my own child. I had one abortion at the age of 19 and I am now 32. To this day if anyone asked me what I would change in my life if I could only change 1 thing it would be my abortion. Has Joyce ever had an abortion or does she just stuff it down and make money off her stand. This sickens me. The Ru486 pill now will leave women aborting a child in the privacy of their own home , which will allow them to see this fetus. Look up the real meaning of fetus....then tell me it is just a clump of cells....being honest!! oh my....I feel sorry for all the woman that will die as a result of this awful pill causing them to hemorrage at home or lie about how far a long they are just to get the pill and end up with great complications because of that. These ladies are hurting and too often afraid to speak out because of the guilt they feel after an abortion.

I have more thoughts but as I realize this letter will probably have no effect on your compassion for unborn babies or the woman hurting for years after abortion/s I feel I am more than likely sharing my thoughts with those that will just delete this message with no thought or just respond in anger or defensively.

Remember each child you help be aborted leaves blood on your hands.


my thoughts


You are a very sick person! Try reading the whole Bible instead of just a few versus. You have NO right to put down Christians and " pro-lifers" as you call them! My God is a loving God and I hope that someday you will come to realize that!


Subject: abortion

i have been reading stories from women who have had abortions....i just don't understand how a woman could have an pro choice people are basically saying that it is ok to you people say that its not yet a life...well, a life begins with conception.....if it is ok to murder your baby then is it ok to murder your 2 year old?...think about that....they are both lives....and then you pro murderers say well, what if a woman is raped?....are you people so selfish that you would take the life of an innocent child because of something terrible that happened to you??? sorry if that happens but there is a thing called adoption...people who cant have children would love to is inconvenient that you have to carry this child for 9 months but everything happens for a was in God's plan for this to happen to you.....i would like for you selfish murders to know that even though i am an 18 year old Senior, i have common sense....i will be praying for you Pro-murderers.......and please don't be mad when pro lifers are marching in front of your death chambers showing pictures of dead babies.....i will pray that God may forgive you for you know not what you do......Jeremiah1:5

Praying that truth will be revealed,



I want to start out by saying that God loves you all. And so do I.

I fully understand the fear a woman feels when faced with an unwanted pregnancy.

However, God gave us life. And only God has the right to take it away.

Killing unborn children just so we can go on selfeshly living our lives without regards to our results of our actions. It's a sin.

Approx. 40 million abortions have taken place in the U.S. since 1973. There are approx. 42 million people in the US between the ages of 0 - 28. That means we've killed about half a generation. And you people think this is good?

Shame on us all.

I pray for you. God bless you.

May you see the error of your ways.


Subject: Joyce Arthur on what pro choice means


I read Joyce's article and found that she, as do all those who favor abortion as a form of birth control, was less than honest in describing what is in the mothers womb. No, it's not a lump. It's not a fetus. Yes, a six year old does know what it is. So does a three year old. It's a baby. Joyce's failure and inability to call it such underscores the basic callousness towards life that is so prevalent among the pro choice crowd. She and those like her can call it many things, but they can't bring themselves to call it what it really is. This kind of disengenuous verbiage is why truly honest people abhor the pro choice movement. Honest people can't abide murder. Killing a baby is murder. As such, pro choice really means pro death.

The vast majority of pro life people will agree that birth control should be used to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Married couples not wishing to have children should be encouraged in the use of safe and readily available methods of birth control. Abstinence among the unmarried should be vigorously promoted and graciously rewarded. Sexual activity among the unmarried should be frowned upon and discouraged. This just makes good sense. To include the heinous act of abortion in the mix of available forms of birth control does your cause a great disservice. Abortion as an option for people who fail to use available birth control and who cannot exercise reasonable restraint with their bodies only leads to an ever increasing lack of personal responsibility. A person who can live with themselves after murdering their baby can also live with a lot of other undesirable baggage. It becomes a vicious downward spiral. Self esteem is replaced by survival compartmentalization. There is a huge difference between the two.

The mental gyrations one must perform in accepting the premise that a woman has the right to murder her baby so that her right to be a woman isn't violated is the stuff migraines are made of. Abortion denigrates women as a whole and lessens women as individuals. Seriously, how many women are proud that they've had an abortion? How many women can't wait to tell their family, friends and neighbors that they've undergone this act? How many women can't wait to have a second one? Or a third? If you were really pro choice, abortion wouldn't be one of them. Mature and civilized people recognize and accept responsibility for their actions. Abortion is a most uncivilized and barbaric act. It diminishes the women that practice it and the society that tolerates it. Women deserve better than this. Let's remove this practice from our society.



As an RN specializing in OBGYN for the past 20 years, I can tell you that there is never a good reason for D & X. If there was you would find many nurses who would assist in these procedures. You won't find many who will join in the murder of an innocent child. The only life that is in danger during a pregnancy barring complications that come late in pregnancy (PIH, uncontrolled diabetes) is the fetus' and for you to say otherwise shows your bias. I find it interesting that you call "pro-life" advocates "anti-choice" again showing your bias. I would be willing to bet that if this technique was used on animals you would protest to ban it. The vast majority of people in favor of this procedure are atheists. People who have no internal spirituality lack compassion. God help you! [name]


To whom it may concern,

Along with many other topics on this page, you, for lack of better argument, have involved the Holy Bible in your disputes.....I think that before advertising your own assumptions about what the Bible says concerning abortion, you must first be deemed worthy enough to interpret it. I think that judging God is a dangerous position that no one on earth should take, least of all people who only look at the Bible if it can be used to passify their guilt and stupidity. God is the only one who has the right to take life from the world not mothers who are too immature to use protection during sex. If people were sucking the brains out of animals or tearing them limb from limb, well the whole world would be forming committees to stop it, but an unborn human being can not be seen or heard so that makes it easier to view them as an object and not as person who is a mere in convienience to undeserving people. The next time you plan to put words in Gods mouth or foolishly misinterpret what the Bible has to say, remember that you are only human and remember who you are falsely accusing, and especially the force that you are dealing with.

Concerned American


For someone who insists that you and others "refuse to publicly debate anti-choice", you certainly presented your rebuttal in public . The above is not written for your committed voters but to ADD your voice and spin to recent writings on the debate. That is quite understandable . There is enough material presented to debate non-stop for another burst of energy. One comment does'nt even need debate such as , what we "imagine goes in inside abortion clinics " . No one has to "imagine ". Two individual humans go in, only one of them comes out alive , and hurting . Also interesting to have you confirm that the "bubble-zones " you lobby for at abortion sites, are not even necessary because "anti-abortion picketers" do not dissuade "the vast majority of women" anyway. Is that documented with the Task Force too, way back when? Begs more challenging their existance and for whom . [name].


I recently read an article inviting me to get more information about the Pro-Choice Action Network.

Why do you say that you do not commit violence when you actively support the destruction of children. In fact, children that can't even defend themselves. Come on! You can't actually believe that tearing apart a young child is not violent.......And in this article you say that abortion providers actually have a integrity.

How can that be true? Sneaking up on a defenseless individual in the "safety" of the mother's womb, and chopping them to pieces. What kind of integrity is that ??

If the poster materials of chopped up baby parts is offensive to you, then why is not the REAL action of shredding flesh not offensive.

Get your head out of the dirt. This letter is meant to provoke you to check out the truth. We are created in God's image. There will be NO partying in hell! I pray that you truly take this seriously.

May you start seeking God with earnest.


God demonstrates His love for us, while we were yet sinners, Christ Jesus died for us. Romans 5:8


Let me tell you something....really.....when I was a teenager I was pro-choice..oh was I pro choice. I had a serious boyfriend for 18 months, from the time I was 15 1/2 til I was 17. I used to tell my friends, "If I ever got pregnant, I would definitely have an abortion and I would never tell my parents" Now there is no great big unwanted pregnancy part of this story. It's just that now I'm 29, a mother of two and I'm not a teenager that would be afraid to tell her parents. And also the reason I would have never told them is not because they were anti-abortion. My mom would have driven me there herself!! There is no way she'd try to get me to keep a baby. College, my future, grandparents raising their baby's baby--forget it. I just would be afraid of "getting in trouble." Well now, as a mother of two little girls the whole idea of my daughter being able to get an abortion without me there makes my skin crawl--my god, it's like surgery---I'm her mom!! My opinion has nothing to do with God or religion....but everything to do with the possible pain and suffering that an abortion may cause an unborn baby---how scary---how sad---it makes me want to cry, throw-up, and scream all at once. I love women, I'm all for women's rights, I'm very liberal, and I also LOVE BABIES. Now I don't care about all the laws and what it could mean if we made abortions illegal. I'm not anti-women...I'm just trying to stick up for these unborn babies. Who are we to say that abortion is not painful to the baby?? The nerves may not be developed completely, but they do exist. The arguement that it is the woman's body and so it is her right to choose is crap. Yes, we are talking about the woman's body AND the baby's body too. I'm not against birth control either. I'm all for it. I use it all the time---when I'm not planning a pregnancy with my husband. Women need to take responsibility and go with the adoption route. How can you say it is not fair for the women to have to deal with giving the baby up..let's just allow her to make the decision to have it ripped from her body instead--whether its in the 10th week or the 20th week, I'm telling you, it's just not right. I really think it's murder. And I'm not talking about the legal defn of murder. Just think about it, my god!!! What a terrible thing to do to this unborn baby, fetus, whaterver you want to call it. And partial birth abortion--what is that all about?? I can't even give that topic proper respect in this e-mail. Even in college I thought I was pro-choice, but it wasn't until I was trying to defend abortion out loud that I realized how unrational and dumb I sounded. Then I also saw a bumper sticker (I know--bumper sticker--this women sounds like an activist or something.) Anyway it said, "The most dangerous place for a in the mother's womb" Ok, that one really hit true it is!!! A women is allowed to kill her baby, as long as it is not born yet. And in the case of partial birth abortion, it has to be totally born. You can still "abort" it when the legs and cute little butt are delivered and the head is still inside. Let me say that again...when the baby is hanging out of the mom, about to be born (even if it is only at 20 weeks gestation), the baby is allowed to still be killed (excuse me--aborted). Give me a break!! My god, what is this world coming to!!!


To whom it may concern:

I was incredibly disappointed in the content of your site. I am a devout pro-life and cannot see how you can find it right to abort babies. They are NOT just blobs of tissue like you may be deceived into thinking! What about those "blobs of tissue" who have survived through the terror of abortion and are now living humans! Have you ever considered that?? If the thing is a baby when someone has a miscarriage at 2, 3, or 4 months, it is DEFINITLEY a baby when aborted at 2, 3, or 4 months!! You cannot be in your right mind and say they are just "blobs of tissue" or "cells". My email address is [address]. I will look forward to your reply...


Subject: Opinion

As a recently converted Cathlic I am outraged that your organization can support a choice in regard to an unborn child.

What shame you must feel when you are alone and focus on your high level of selfishness. I am using my volunteer time to the Church to counter your type of organization.

You very poor souls.... [name]


Subject: abortion aka murder

Jesus said, "I knew you before you were knit in your mother's womb." God knows of every life that will ever be conceived. At the time of conception, hair color and eye color are already determined. DNA is already present. Does that not sound like something living to you? You try to bring the argument up as to when a life begins, as though you can justify an abortion by that means. What about the advice you give to women on where to go for an abortion when they are in a second trimester or further. Is there any question in your mind that life has begun in her womb at that point? I hope you get the opportunity to see the photograph that was taken during the operation of a baby boy while still in his mother's womb. The mother was 21 weeks along and during the surgery, the baby lifted it's hand out of the womb and grabbed hold of the doctor's finger. That is a baby, a baby that you might advise someone to murder. I hope you get the chance to see this picture if you haven't already, Please search your hearts and think about what you are doing. In Christs Love, [name]


I just don't understand how any American could support the right to ABORTION. Isn't there a law against murder. In fact this is murder. >From the time that those chidren are conceived they are alive. Their heart is beating!!!!! Those childern never asked to be conceived. They are a gift. If the women screw up, then the child should no have to pay. They have a right and deserve to live. That's where Americans today fall short of being GOOD AND DECENT PEOPLE. The photos that I have seen, the poor INNOCENT murder victims, are a shame. It moves me to tears that anyone could feel that an Abortion is the answer. There are many women who can not have children, that would give their life to have a child, or to adopt one. I am moved to tears to think that anyone could be so COLD. I Thank God that I have my chid and that my mother loved me.



Reading your web page convinces me that we Christians must continue to work for more restrictions on abortions, until all elective abortions are prosecuted as murder for hire. I hope you eventually will understand the sacredness of human life as well as God's Holy Bible.


If you all are Pro-Choice, why does it bother you so much if a woman makes the choice to not have an abortion? And why does it bother you so much if someone takes the time to explain the issue of abortion and the woman chooses to keep her baby? What are you afraid of?


I just wanted to say thank God that a web site like yours exists. I feel that there is nothing more important in the universe than a woman's right to choose.

I also want to thank you for being the first I've ever seen use the term anti-choicers. It is a brilliant way to erase the idea of life from the human baby. The term pro-lifers is too personal and religious. We can't allow the lay person to conceive the idea of life when discussing free choice.

We need more people like you who spend a great deal of their productive and spiritual lives protecting abortion and vilifying the oppressive anti-choicers.

I wish I had the courage and the focus to dedicate my life and soul to the greatest cause in the history of the world like you people do. Some people think God, family, country, and morality are life's greatest values, but we know deep down inside our free-spirited hearts that it is choice that is most important.

Thank you again and God Bless



I just read the letter on the Real Reason Prolifers oppose abotion. I found your generalizations amazing. I found the over reaching comments simplistic. I am a prolifer and I do so from a compassion standpoint. I was the ED of a Crisis Pregnancy Center and abortion is not a solution to a problem. It is the door to many others While I agree an unplanned pregnancy is a horrible thing, I beilieve simplistic answers to complex societal problems are equally idiotic. Unplanned teen pregnancy is a symptom. Kids having sex while accepted by many today is not the way they are even designed. I do not believe teens are ready for the emotional, physical and spiritual consequences of it. Abortion is only a shortcust for some who want to avoid facing parents or to keep a boyfriend. In my experience 80-90% of the women who were considering abortion were not making a free choice at all. They were pressured into it by others. Use your brain and logic. Trite, thoughtless answers to these issues are not a solution to an already confused world.

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